January 22, 2022
12pm - 1:30pm
Arena of Life Church
8827 Fm to Mkt Rd 1541
Amarillo, TX 79118

Lt Col. Allen West is on the campaign trail for Governor of Texas in 2022, and we could not be more thrilled to host one of his many stops! As the primaries draw near, we at True Texas Project are doing everything that we can to feature strong candidates and give them the opportunity to spread their message. So, we are hosting the West Campaign for a special-Saturday afternoon event in Amarillo. We are fired up, and hope to see you there!

True Texas Project
Speaker: Allen West
Saturday, January 22
Location: Arena of Life Church
8827 Fm to Mkt Rd. 1541 Amarillo, TX 79118

All patriots are welcome. No RSVP Needed.


About Allen West:

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B. West is a Christian constitutional conservative, combat veteran, and former member of the US Congress. His life has been defined as one of service, sacrifice, and commitment to this Republic, the United States of America. He believes it will be conservative, free market policies, not politics that secures a sound economic future for Americans – with growth, opportunity and returning the promise of the American dream for this generation and those to come.