February 3, 2023
5:30pm - Feb/04 4pm
Hyatt Place Dallas/Rockwall
1600 La Jolla Point
Rockwall, TX

Are you a True Texan? Claim your bragging rights as a “Certified” True Texan with True Texas Project’s citizen engagement classes. We’ll be offering 4 of the 5 required classes PLUS the 2 bonus workshops:  “Defeat the Dirty Books”, and “Post Constitutional Activism”.  The classes are free! Sign up for 1 or for all 6 and increase your knowledge and understanding of what it takes to keep Texas Texan.  Be sure to bring your Liberty Passport.  If you don’t have one, you’ll receive one at the workshops. (Seating is limited, so don’t delay!  Sign up today.)

Certified True Texan Workshop
February 3rd-4th, 2023
Hyatt Place Dallas/Rockwall
1600 La Jolla Point, Rockwall, TX 75087
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Workshop descriptions:

True Texas Citizen Advocates: (CTT Class) The popular 4 hour class about being an effective Citizen Advocate at every level of government. Facilitated by Fran Rhodes, with a team of guest speakers, we’ll cover Citizen Advocacy 101, Legislative Priorities, using the TLO website, the Legislative Process, Testifying at Hearings, and Effective Communication with Elected Representatives. This workshop will blast you with information to help you be the best and most effective Citizen Advocate in Texas!

Defeat The Dirty Books!: (New Bonus Class) Learn how to find dirty books and get them out of schools and public libraries! This workshop is lead by Mad Mama Bear, Tracy Shannon, with Mass Resistance. You will be shown the sneaky tactics, key players, and machinery of the dirty book pushers and “change agents” who have been pedaling smut, and child sexual grooming materials in public libraries and school libraries. Strategy and tools to take on the dirty book battle will be taught. All participants will get a Mass Resistance Texas Dirty Book Investigator Tool Kit.

TTP 101: (CTT Class) Who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Lead by CEO and founders, Julie & Fred McCarty, you will hear about the origins of True Texas Project, some of the hurdles we’ve encountered, how we grew to 18 Satellite Groups located throughout Texas, why we are committed to building the grassroots army, and continuing the fight to save Texas.

True Texas Liberty: (CTT Class) Explore the difference between Capitalism, Woke Capitalism, Socialism and Communism. This workshop is lead by Tim Hardin and Jeramy Kitchen with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. They will show you a deep dive into Marxist ideology, and how it has grown into today’s “woke” behaviors. Understanding the differences in these forms of government will prepare you to defend Texas and the freedoms we cherish.

Post Constitutional Activism: (New Bonus Class) This session will take a critical look at the fundamental political assumptions about our government and political processes. It will challenge participants to understand and engage modern politics in an entirely different way, a way more attuned to living in a post-constitutional nation. The Workshop will be lead by Ryan McCubbin.  Ryan is a right-wing political activist, a critic of modern culture, and advocate for a return to Christian traditionalism.  He is also a member of our TTP Longview Area leadership team.

True Texas Campaigns: (CTT Class) Learn what it takes to run for office, or to help someone else do it. Our instructor is experienced and knowledgeable campaign consultant and strategist, Matt Armstrong. You will hear tips about preparing, organizing, fund raising, communications, block walking, and much more. Whether you are running, or you want to help others with their campaigns, this workshop will give you insight on best practices that spell success.