April 17, 2021
5:30pm - 10pm
Southfork Ranch
3700 Hogge Dr. Allen, TX 75002 
Allen, Texas
Sparks Will Fly!
How well do you know your Texas history?  On March 2, 1836, Texas signed a Declaration of Independence from Mexico, but it wasn’t until April 21 that we actually won our freedom when Sam Houston and some 800 Texans defeated Santa Anna’s Mexican force of approximately 1,500 men at the Battle of San Jacinto, shouting “Remember the Alamo!” and “Remember Goliad!” as they attacked.
True Texas Project is celebrating that victory! This event is one that you DO NOT want to miss. Join us for dinner, dancing, a special guest speaker… and FIREWORKS!


True Texas Project

  • Texas Tough, Texas Proud! (San Jacinto Celebration)
  • Dinner, Dancing, Special Guests, and Fireworks!
  • Special Guest Speaker: James O’Keefe and Pastor Greg Locke
  • MC: Chris Salcedo of the Chris Salcedo Show
  • DJ Chris Putnam
  • Saturday, April 17
  • Southfork Ranch
    3700 Hogge Dr. Allen, TX 75002 
  • Attire: Black Tie Optional 
  • Tickets:

General Admission – $115 (6:30pm arrival, dinner, dancing, speakers, fireworks)

VIP – $175: 5:30pm reception and photos with speakers, dinner, dancing, speakers, fireworks)

Table of 8 – $1100: 2 VIP tickets, 6 General Admission tickets, table card, listing in program

Alamo Sponsor $500: Two VIP Tickets for VIP photo/reception, dinner, speakers, dancing, fireworks, Your name in the event program
Goliad Sponsor $1,000: Two VIP Tickets for VIP photo/reception, dinner, speakers, dancing, fireworks. Your name and/or logo in the event program & on slide presentation during dinner
San Jacinto Sponsor $2,500: Four VIP Tickets for VIP photo/reception, dinner, speakers, dancing, fireworks. Your name and/or logo, plus 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ advertisement in the event program & on slide presentation during dinner. Announced by MC during program
1836 TEXAS PROUD Sponsor $5000Eight VIP Tickets for VIP photo/reception, dinner, speakers, dancing, fireworks. Eight “I’m A True Texan” Tee Shirts. 1836 Table Decoration. One Bottle of 1836 Whiskey. Name and/or logo in program, plus 3″ x 5″ advertisement in the event program & on slide presentation during dinner. Special recognition and announcement by by MC during program
  • If you are interested in being featured as one of this year’s sponsors, please reach out to [email protected] for more details.

Sneak Peak of the Venue
Southfork Ranch is a picturesque ranch used as the setting for the original ‘Dallas’ TV series that featured JR Ewing and his family.  So the question remains…”Who shot JR?” 


About James O’Keefe:

James O’Keefe BiographyJames O’Keefe founded Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action in 2010. These two organizations are non-profits dedicated to investigating corruption, dishonesty, waste and fraud in public institutions and the private sector. O’Keefe first walked on the national stage in 2009. At the suggestion of Hannah Giles, she and O’Keefe went into offices of ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, purporting to be a pimp with his prostitute. Using a hidden camera, they recorded the staffers in ACORNexplaining how to lie on tax forms, bury cash in a tin box, and declare underage prostitutes as his dependents. Ultimately, the Democrat-controlled House and Senate voted to defund ACORN and President Barack Obama signed it into law.

Soon after that, O’Keefe and Project Veritas reporting led to a reduction offederal funding to National Public Radio and numerous NPR executives being fired and or retiring.

In 2016, he released videos exposing DNC consultants conspiring to foment violence at rallies held by candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. The investigation has been credited with exposing the dark side of the Clinton campaign’s tactics.

O’Keefe turned his attention to the mainstream media in 2017 and the Project Veritas investigations into CNN became the No. 1 trending videos in the UnitedStates. This investigation exposed CNN’s anti-Trump bias and raised serious questions about the news organization’s credibility. Just days before the presidential inauguration, Veritas reporters infiltrated the Antifa-linked DisruptJ20 movemen and ultimately exposed their plot to violentlydisrupt President-elect Trump’s swearing-in.

In 2019, O’Keefe launched the Project Veritas, “Be Brave. Do Something”campaign. The campaign recruits insiders who choose to become vehicles of change, catalysts for citizen empowerment and have the will to inspire moral courage. These groundbreaking investigations into social media giants, Pinterest, Google, Twitter and Facebook exposed biased practices, such as Facebook’s “deboosting” of users, posts and comments. Veritas’s most infamous Veritas investigations revealed ABC News anchor Amy Robach telling how her ABC News bosses spiked her story on Jeffrey Epstein. The Robach video was viewed and shared by tens of millions of viewers worldwide as America’s mainstream media and international media outlets could not ignore this scoop.

Earlier this year, ABC News produced the next big scoop, where veteran ABCNews political reporter David Wright shared the network’s bias against President Trump. In May, an insider came forward to Project Veritas to report malfeasance from a Michigan-based health care facility and CBS News. When Project Veritas released the video, Cherry Health and CBS News issued conflicting statements about the incident. CBS News ended up retracting the segment.When this summer started heating up, Veritas kicked into high gear by launching an #EXPOSEANTIFA series followed up quickly by #EXPOSEFACEBOOK. Both investigations landed in the spotlight on Capitol Hill just a few weeks later, where Congressmen used veritas investigations as examples or within their questioning. Media and big tech malfeasance are not the only issues O’Keefe has tackled.

He sued the FBI when they wrongfully denied him his right to bear arms byplacing him on the national instant criminal background check system as a convicted. After making the lawsuit public, he was promptly removed from the list.

In the last five weeks, O’Keefe has sued Oregon to have them update their unconstitutional and draconian recording laws. He also exposed Amy McGrath, Kentucky Senate candidate, challenging Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for misleading Trump voters and coal supporters. And finally, potentially most topical to tonight, he confronted the New Hampshire Attorney General about a known double voter. Join me in giving James a warm welcome.