April 18, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
MCM Elegante - Fountain View Room
2355 I-10 S
Beaumont, TX 77705

True Texas Project is all about finding and spreading the REAL stories, the REAL reasons behind problems, and most importantly the REAL solutions. That is why we are excited to be hosting Ammon Blair, an army veteran and former border patrol agent, as our speaker this month. Would the average Texan have an answer for these questions?

  • What is BORDER SECURITY and how will we know when we have a secure border?
  • What framework does the U.S Government (CBP, DHS, DoD, DoS, etc.) use to asses the security and stability of Operational Environment on our southern border?
  • What parties or organizations are involved in the border region?
  • What is actually happening at our Southern Border?
  • What are the perceptions held by the American people and specifically Texans on the border situation?
  • Does the Border situation have any effect on their life?
  • HOW did the American people (to include clueless pundits & politicians) come to their held beliefs about the border?
  • How do we go about knowing and distributing the truth about the border?

“How we view the combat environment in large part determines how we operate in it.”
U.S. Marine Corps MCDP 1-3 “Tactics”

We are also excited to hear from Brooks McKenzie, who will give us insight into the current state of family court/law, as well as supporting the nuclear family and 50/50 parental rights.

True Texas Project
Speaker: Ammon Blair
Secondary Speaker: Brooks McKenzie
Date: Monday, April 18
Location: MCM Elegante 2355 I-10 S Beaumont, TX
5:30pm – Optional prayer meeting

5:45 – $5 pizza dinner opens while supplies last
6:30-8:00pm – meeting

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About Ammon Blair:

Ammon Blair is a 22 year Army Veteran. He was recently separated from the Texas Army National Guard as an Infantry Officer due to the vaccine mandate. Ammon also served as a Border Patrol Agent for 9 years in the Rio Grande Valley. He conducts Intelligence, Research and Analyses for Omni Intelligence; a private company that strives to make the public and government agencies aware of the threats posed by unsecured borders and best practices to combat transnational threats.


About Dr. Brooks McKenzie:

As a researcher and former Assistant Director for the TCU Institute of Child Development, Dr. Brooks McKenzie has worked with at-risk children and families for more than 16 years, always advocating for the “best interest of the child” in all circumstances.

Born and raised in Texas, Dr. McKenzie has spent his entire professional career presenting the body of empirical research in Developmental Psychology to agencies and organizations that are tasked with supporting children and families. He has trained DFPS/CPS, attorneys and judges, and worked directly with non-profits and the families they serve, only to find a systemic ignorance/apathy that has been actively harming our children for decades.

Texas has utterly failed to protect one of our most vulnerable populations and it has to stop. Texas has for decades lagged behind the rest of the Nation in addressing the needs of our families and children. Dr. McKenzie has devoted his time and passion to effecting change in a system that is destroying our nuclear families and damaging our children for a lifespan. Our legislators and judiciary must be reformed, otherwise our children and families are doomed.