April 12, 2022
6:30pm - 8pm
Arena of Life Church
9927 Farm to Market Rd 1541
Amarillo TX

True Texas Project – Randall/Potter county is excited to be hosting Jonathon Dunne, an Irish-American who is passionate about the story of the United States of America and her founding. His presentation to us this time is about A Time to Choose: Great Reset or a Great Awakening. We are eager to hear from him as we all learn how to navigate these daunting topics that are quickly becoming a reality in todays world. Join us for a night of learning and fellowship!

We will also be hearing from Rachel Redus of Mission Generation, and what this organization is doing to put Jesus back in every school by way of certified chaplains.

True Texas Project

Speaker: Jonathon Dunne
Intro: Rachel Redus
Tuesday, April 12
Location: Arena of Life Church (GRITT building)
8827 Fm to Mkt Rd 1541 Amarillo, TX
5:30pm – Prayer meeting
5:45pm – $5 pizza begins (while supplies last)
6:30-8:00pm – meeting
All patriots are welcome. Come as you are!
No dues. No fees. No memberships. No RSVPs


About Jonathon Dunne:

As a host on The Blaze Media, inspiring keynote speaker, and writer Jonathon Dunne has reached millions with his message of American exceptionalism

Born and raised in socialist Ireland, Jonathon spent 18 long and painful years waiting in line for an opportunity to live in America. He suffered many setbacks during that time including being told he did not visa criteria for a job with Glenn Beck. In 2021, the ultimate dream became a reality when he married the love of his life – Tonya. They now live together in the great state of Oklahoma.

Jonathon did not come to take from America – he came to serve this wonderful nation and restore our founding principles. These principles are needed today more than ever. WHY? We are living in the times of authoritarian government controlling every aspect of our life and stripping people of their God-given rights – whether it is under the narrative of coronavirus, the Great Reset, the war in Ukraine, or the ultimate goal – a green new deal.

The answer to these problems (and any future power grabs) is always the same – the IDEA of America and the federalist system of limited government.

In 2021, Jonathon was still living in Ireland and invested his life savings on a speaking tour that included 60 events in 80 days visiting 14 different states.

Now living stateside, he is cashing in his pension (his last financial asset) and investing it in another extended speaking tour. Why? The IDEA of America cannot lose this war. America’s founding principles must be restored and reapplied to make America a bastion of freedom and a shining city on a hill for the world to witness.


About Rachel Redus:

Born and raised in a Conservative Christian home in Pearland, TX- and with a love for  animals- Rachel worked as a veterinary technician through high school and college  where she worked with everything from exotics, to small and large animals/livestock. Some parts of the vet tech job included performing pre anesthetic blood draws, running  blood labs and culture and sensitivity tests, minor and major surgeries, vaccine  administrations, laser therapy, x-rays, artificial insemination, foaling, calf pulling,  branding, ear tagging, equine dentistry, and many other tasks. After graduating from  Turner College and Career High School with over 60 college hours, Rachel Studied at  Alvin Community College for a semester and then went on to graduate from Sam  Houston State University with a Bachelor in Animal Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine  and a Minor in Agricultural Business in 2018. During her time at Sam, Rachel worked a  full-time job as a vet tech, attended school full-time, participated in a livestock research  program, and bottle fed and weaned a puppy that she helped deliver, who is now 6  years old and named Lynyrd. 

Having a long-time interest in politics, an opportunity was presented to Rachel shortly  before graduation in 2018, so her career path took an unexpected turn into the political  arena. 

Currently, Rachel works full-time as the event and speaking engagement coordinator for  a Christian non-profit called ‘Mission Generation’, whose mission is to introduce school  aged children to Jesus through the implementation of chaplains into public schools. For  three and a-half years, prior, Rachel worked on Senator Ted Cruz’s political team  performing a multitude of campaign operations, including grassroots engagement and voter turnout which consisted of all office administration tasks, representing Senator  Cruz at a multitude of events across the state, processing speaking, video message, candidate endorsement and other requests. She also has experience event  coordinating and advancing for The Senator. Rachel also served as the 2020 ‘Get Out  the Vote’ chair on the board of the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican  Women, 2019-2021 Second Vice President on the board of the Tri County Republican  Women’s Club, and is currently the Houston representative on the board of the Border  Care Project and the President of Tri County Republican Women’s Club in Pearland,  TX. 

Raised as tom-boy, Rachel loves everything related to the outdoors including saltwater  fishing, hunting, gardening, etc. 

From artificially inseminating trophy white tail deer and performing feeding research on  ruminants, to aiding in the birth of a donkey foal just minutes before a professional  interview, Rachel always embraces new challenges- especially those that are out of the  average person’s comfort zone.