February 18, 2020
7am - Mar/03 7pm

Every Primary Election, the Board of True Texas Project votes on the various candidates you’ll see on your ballot.  We then share those votes with you.  They are not endorsements, but we recognize that everyone has to make a decision for better or for worse given the candidates on the ballot.  These are the choices our Board has made.  We hope it is a good starting point for you as you do your research and make your own choices!

Print a copy to take to the polls and/or share with friends!  Early voting is Feb 18-28.  Election Day is March 3.  You may find all voter information for Tarrant County here.  Scroll down for a bulleted list rather than a graphic…

President:  Trump
Senator:  Stovall
Congress D12:  Putnam
Congress D24: Van Duyne
Congress D25: not enough information
Congress D26: Mrochek
Railroad Comm: Sitton
Crim COA: Richardson
State Rep D92: Cason
2nd COA:  Walker
Judge 96th: Taylor
Constable: Clark
Precinct Chairs: contact us for input
Propositions: click here for a list of the propositions you’ll see from the Republican Party.  This is an opinion polls and does not change anything.  It’s supposed to tell our elected officials what we want.