Local elections for counties, cities, and school boards are some of the most important things we vote on, but they get the least attention!  True Texas Project tries to help voters by going to trusted activists in each area and asking them to name the best candidates on the ballot.

THESE ARE NOT ENDORSEMENTS, and True Texas Project has not vetted these candidates personally.  Most of the time, our contacts must pick the lesser of two evils.  Sometimes the choices are so bad we simply cannot even differentiate a best one, and so we simply recommend leaving the vote blank.

Use this as a starting place for your OWN research. 

Early voting
April 19-27, 2021
Election Day
Saturday, May 1, 2021

True Texas Project is in multiple locations now, so scroll to find your city, county, and ISD information.  Remember to look for things like college districts, water districts, etc.  This list is in alpha order, first by city, then by ISD, then by all other.  This list will be updated regularly, so if what you’re looking for is not yet here, check back later!


Allen City Council Place 1              Daren Meis

Allen City Council Place 3             Dave Cornette

Allen City Council Place 5             Dave Shafer

Arlington City Council Dist 3        Nikkie Hunter

Arlington City Council Dist 4        Andrew Blake Piel

Arlington City Council Dist 5        Rebecca Louise Boxall

Arlington City Council Dist 8        leave blank

Arlington Mayor                             Michael Dave Glaspie

Bardwell City Council                     Dionne Sauers

Bardwell Mayor                              Shannon Spurgeon

Bedford City Council Dist 1           Charles Sheldon Baetz

Bedford City Council Dist 2           David “Dave” Thomas Gebhart

Bedford Mayor                                Leave blank

Burleson City Council Dist 1         Johnny “Stuart” Gillaspie

Burleson City Council Dist 3         Jimmy Dale Stanford

Burleson City Council Dist 5         Melissa Westfall Tinkle

Carrollton City Council Pl 1           Steve Babick

Carrollton City Council Pl 5           Annette Reese

Carrollton City Council Pl 7           Rusty Pendleton

Colleyville City Council Dist 5       Charles “Chuck” Sennan Kelley

Colleyville City Council Dist 6       Callie Jo Rigney

Corinth City Council Place 2         Scott Garber

Corinth Mayor                                 Bill Heidemann

Dallas City Council Dist 2               Michael Fetzer

Dallas City Council Dist 6               Wendi Macon

Dallas City Council Dist 7               Israel Varela

Dallas City Council Dist 9               Judy Kumar

Dallas City Council Dist 11            Barry Wernick

Dallas City Council Dist 12            Cara Mendelsohn

Dallas City Council Dist 13            Mac Smith

Dallas City Council Dist 14            Elizabeth Viney

Denton City Council Dist 4            John Ryan

Ennis Mayor                                     Angie Juenemann

Euless City Council Place 5           Annabel Eads

Euless City Council Place 6           Owens

Ferris Alderman Place 2                Norman Michael Heckathorn

Ferris Alderman Place 3                leave blank

Ferris Alderman Place 4                leave blank

Flower Mound Council Dist 4      James Allen Engel

Flower Mound Mayor                    Derek C. France

Frisco City Council                          Jennifer White

Ft Worth City Council 2                 Juan Sixtos

Ft Worth City Council 3

Ft Worth City Council 4                 Cary Moon

Ft Worth City Council 5

Ft Worth City Council 6                 Jungus Jordan

Ft Worth City Council 7                 Zeb Pent

Ft Worth City Council 8

Ft Worth City Council 9

Ft Worth Mayor                               Steve Penate

Garland City Council                       West

Grand Prairie Council Dist 6         Jeff Wooldridge

Grand Prairie Council Dist 8        Greg Glessner

Grapevine City Council Dist 1      Paul Christopher Slechta

Grapevine City Council Dist 2      Breann Burke

Grapevine Mayor                            Nick Kaufman

Haltom City City Council Dist 1    Marian Frances Hilliard

Haltom City City Council Dist 7    Donald “Don” Bryant Cooper

Haltom City Mayor                         An Minh Truong

Hurst City Council District 1         David Gene Booe

Hurst City Council District 2         John Hester Miller

Hurst City Council District 6         Jon Austin McKenzie

Italy City Council                             Elmerine Allen Bell

Italy City Council                             Raymond L Mosley

Keller City Council Dist 1               Mitchell Holmes

Keller City Council Dist 2               Sean Hicks

Lake Dallas Council Seat 5            Kammie Savidge

Lewisville Mayor                             Tiffanie Fowler

Lubbock Pro-Life Ordinance         Support

Mansfield City Council Dist 3       Mike Daniel Leyman

Mansfield City Council Dist 4       Casey Niel Lewis

Mansfield City Council Dist 5       Julie Dawn Short

Maypearl City Council, 3 seats    Brian Lonidier, Heather Blaine, and ???

McKinney City Council Dist 1      Stan Penn

McKinney City Council Dist 3      Vicente Torres

McKinney City Council At Large  Brian Magnuson

McKinney Mayor                            Meredith

Midlothian City Council Place 6  Hartson or Moorman

N Richland Hills Council Dist 5     Patrick Dee Faram

Oak Point City Council                   Dennis Pratt

Palmer City Council                        Laura Miller

Palmer City Council                        Scott C. Kelley

Plano City Council Place 2             Anthony Ricciardelli

Plano City Council Place 4             Justin Adcock

Plano City Council Place 7             Chris Robertson

Plano City Council Place 8             Rick Smith

Plano Mayor                                     Lily Bao

Richardson City Council Pl 4        Kyle Kepner

Richardson City Council Pl 6        Daniel Burdette maybe barely edges out Marilyn Frederick

Richland Hills Council Dist 1         Stacy Lynn Reddy

Richland Hills Council Dist 5         Travis Scott Malone

Roanoke Mayor                               Carl “Scooter” Gierisch

Roanoke City Council District 1   pending

Slaton Mayor                                   Cliff Shaw (fiscal conservative) OR Jesse Perez (social conservative)

Slaton Ward 4                                  Leave blank

Shallowater City Council               Bruegel

Southlake Mayor                             John Robert Huffman

Southlake City Council Dist 2       Randy Lyle Robbins

Southlake City Council Dist 5       Amy Lepp

Waxahachie Council Place 4        Billie Wallace (Paul Christenson could also be a good option)

Waxahachie Council Place 5        Darrin Robinson

SCHOOL BOARDS                                                                                                      

Arlington ISD Board of Trustees Place 1  Sarah Beth McMurrough

Arlington ISD Board of Trustees Place 2  Melody Fowler

Arlington ISD Board of Trustees Place 3  Richard Allen Weber

Birdville ISD Board of Trustees Place 3     Richard “Matt” Matthew Blake Jr.

Birdville ISD Board of Trustees Place 4     Matthew Fred Womble

Birdville ISD Board of Trustees Place 5     Charles “Richard” Davis Jr.

Carroll ISD Board of Trustees Place 4       David “Cam” Cameron Bryan

Carroll ISD Board of Trustees Place 5       Hannah C. Smith

Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD                   give two votes to Cassandra Hatfield

Denton ISD Place 2                                        Amy Bundgus

Frisco ISD Place 7                                           Evelyn Brooks

Ft Worth ISD Place 4                                     Wallace Bridges

Ft Worth ISD Place 8                                     Brianna Guerrero

Ft Worth ISD Place 9                                     Michael Shedd

Garland ISD Place 4                                       Daphne Stanley

Grand Prairie ISD Dist 5                               James Devoll

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Place 1              Shannon Elizabeth Braun

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Place 2              Stetson Snow Clark

HEB ISD Board of Trustees Place 3            Matthew “Matt” Lee Romero

HEB ISD Board of Trustees Place 4            Rochelle Ann Ross

HEB ISD Board of Trustees Place 5            Christopher “Chris” Ashley Brown

Keller ISD Board of Trustees Place 6         Charles Robert Randklev

Keller ISD Board of Trustees Place 7         Ruth “Ruthie” Nancy Keyes

Lewisville ISD Place 1                                    Buddy Bonner

Lewisville ISD Place 2                                    Allison Lassahn

Lubbock Cooper ISD bond election           Against

Mansfield ISD Place 1                                   Michelle Leigh Newsome

Mansfield ISD Place 2                                   Desiree “Dez” Dale Thomas

Mansfield ISD Place 4                                   Keziah Monique Valdes Farrar

McKinney ISD Place 2                                  Tony Congine

McKinney ISD Place 3                                  Chad Green

McKinney ISD at large                                 Serena Ashcroft

Midlothian ISD Place 1                                 Richard Pena

Midlothian ISD Place 2                                 Gary Vineyard

Midlothian ISD Place 3                                 Eduardo Gonzalez

Northwest ISD – all 4 bonds                         NO

Northwest ISD Place 2                                  Kevin Lebanik

Palmer ISD Board                                           Kelley Ward Cruzan

Palmer ISD Board                                           Raul Medina Jr

Palmer ISD Board                                           Stuart Maddox

Plano ISD Place 1                                           Semida Voicu

Plano ISD Place 2                                           Angela Powell

Plano ISD Place 3                                           Lynn Wallling

Plano ISD Place 6                                           Marilyn Loughray

Prosper ISD                                                     Pat Cochrane

Prosper ISD                                                     Kristin Meier

Raymondville ISD Place 1                            Veronica Munguia

Raymondville ISD Place 2                           John Solis

Raymondville ISD Place 6                           Johnny Guerrero

Raymondville ISD Place 7                            Javier “Rollie” Longoria

Red Oak ISD Place 7                                      Melanie Petersen

Red Oak ISD Place ?                                       Michelle Porter

Richardson ISD Dist 1                                    Tony Casagrande

Richardson ISD Dist 7                                    Blake Sawyer

Richardson ISD Bond                                    NO

Waxahachie ISD Place 3                               Kim Kriegel

Waxahachie ISD Place 4                               Melissa Starnater


Collin County College Trustee Place 7                                   Jim Orr

Collin County College Trustee Place 8                                  Robert Collins

Collin County College Trustee Place 9                                   Andrew Hardin

Tarrant County College Board of Trustees Place 1              Jeremy Patrick Sixtos

Tarrant County College Board of Trustees Place 2              Shannon Dubach Wood

Tarrant County College Board of Trustees Place 3              Stephen Phillip Chacko

Tarrant County College Board of Trustees Place 5              Christi Marie Clanton

Tarrant Regional Water District  Board of Directors           Mary Katherine Kelleher